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Kites And Kiting Custom Designed At We Specialize in custom hand crafted kites & kite accessories. One of the largest Internet files to kiting links & kite plans
Delirious Delusion Custom Kites is a privately owned custom crafted kite manufacturing company located in Spokane Washington. Not only do we make custom kites for resale, but we also encourage those that have the interest, to make their own. We attempt to provide the most complete source of Internet links to plans & various building methods anywhere on the Net.

Included in our pages you will find plans for singleline, sport (trick or dual line kites) & quad line kites. Also plans for such things as bridles, knots, night-lights, tails, windsocks, dozens of links, how to fly kites & anything available on the Internet that has to do with this sport, hobby, addiction, or whatever your excuse may be to justify being involved with kiting.

In addition to providing home kite building information, we make available several Singleline & Dual Line kites which are handcraft including the graphics. These are designed to your particular needs & desires. Once we design a particular graphic, it won't be used again without the owner's permission. The limited line of Sport Kites are our own design & we will not fill orders that request doing "knock off's" of other commercial designs.

Pictures of the many kites we make are available in our Gallery. We welcome all questions regarding kite construction, kite festivals, suppliers, or any other question you may have that will help fulfill your needs. Our main interest in providing this Webpage is to give a comprehensive & consolidated Internet resource so people worldwide can experience the joy of flying & building their own kites.

Please be advised ... our pages are highly intense with graphics & do load somewhat slower than many other pages, but they also are well worth the wait. Thanks for the patience & for visiting us.

Have a great visit, and never forget to let some little kid fly your kite! See how happy it makes them!!

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