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Bharat Mediratta
Gaile Elliott
Christian Mohn
Andrew Lindeman
Joan McGalliard

Edited by

Beckett Madden-Woods

This guide is destributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Table of Contents

1. Gallery 1.x Installation Guide
Installation Requirements
Installing on a Unix/Linux Server with FTP
Installing on a Unix/Linux Server with Shell Access
Installing on a Windows Server (Apache)
Installing on a Windows Server (IIS)
Upgrading a Previous Gallery Installation
Getting Additional Help
Installing Required Programs
The Configuration Wizard
Frequently Asked Questions
2. Gallery 1.x Administration Guide
Users and Permissions
Embedding Gallery
Securing Gallery
Backup and Restore
Creating an Offline Copy
Patching your Gallery
3. Gallery 1.x Developer's Guide
Function Reference

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